Be more like a giraffe


29th October 2021

Teachers engaged in the project had a chance to talk and see each other  for the first time:)

It was a pleasure to meet such experienced, friendly and full of ideas teachers.

Our goals till the next meeting:

– to inform our students about main ideas of the project

– our students will prepare presentations about their home country (with some more important facts, most characterisic features, information concerning e.g. geography, cuisine, famous people etc.)

– teachers will create questions to the survey (each teacher: 2-3 questions) concerning the field of communication, relations, the understanding of the concept of NVC etc.)

→Comments from our partners:

Patrizia Tabacchini

It was a great meeting, I agree! Many ideas, a lot of enthusiasm and lovely people! Thank you, Patrizia


15th November 2021

It was a pleasure to meet together again:)

Tasks to do till the first meeting with students:

– Ebru will create (from questions sent her today by all teachers) a survey (on Google Forms) concerning the field of communication, relations, emotions, the understanding of the concept of NVC etc.

– each country of the project will do the survey among the participants of the project(to 26th November)- and teachers from each country will prepare a presentation of the results (Ebru- Turkey, Anna Guzowska- Poland, Patrizia- Italy)

– till our next meeting- each country will prepare one presentation of the member country (from presentations done by the students)

→Comments from our partners:

Ebru Özkan

Our second meeting was very useful for me.Thank you all…

Patrizia Tabacchini

Great meeting, very productive and engaging, thank you so much!


10th December 2021

During this meeting students from each country presented their presentations. We have the possibility to feel the Turkish, Polish and Italian atmosphere. We could see each other at least for a while:) The presentation of Marshall B. Rosenberg’s theory was presented so we gain the main ideas of NVC 🙂

Now our task is to prepare the logo of our project. We agreed that our next online meeting should be longer:)